We hickory smoked some venison “sweet meat” aka inner loins...

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  1. Patriot

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    Tonight we fired up the smoker and hickory smoked some sweet meat as we say here in the land of cotton.
    I used a new marinade and let the inner loins marinate for 24 hrs. Mrs Patriot added the sides. A great meal.
    Just a little motivation to get out there and lay down a few ************s!




    The new marinade-

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  2. jacol84

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    That looks really good, Patriot. I got my smoker out and did the inner loins of my Wednesday buck yesterday. No marinade, but bacon wrapped. The wife liked it. I'll have to try your marinade when the rest of the meat is ready from the butcher.
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  3. Patriot

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    Jacol84 -The marinade uses 1/4 cup canola oil when you mix it up. I prefer to let the loins marinate for 24 hrs. I smoke the loins for 1 hr @140D on a Traeger pellet grill, then roast @ 300D for 20 min as I like smoke rings outer edge and pink centers on my steaks. The apple cider vinegar tenderizes and the oil keeps the steaks from drying out while smoking and then roasting. Hope this helps!
    9059762B-450F-4BCA-86E7-3872017A7721.jpeg FD21A9ED-35AB-4644-B29E-0203044067CF.jpeg
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  4. xcaliber

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    Looks real tasty Patriot!
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  5. Masboy

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    X2! I need a smoker
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  6. robertyb

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    My tenderloins usually just hit the grill whole. My favorite part of the deer. A little salt and pepper and time to eat.
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  7. Patriot

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    We smoke’em whole wrapped in bacon and then roast until the bacon carmelizes....then slice med/pink tenderloin.
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