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  1. Stalker

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    Going to go sign my life away for this in the morning:eek::D

    This should give me the opportunity to hunt some public land comfortably! Getting a pretty good deal on it. A 2011 model.
    2011_forest_river_wildwood_exl_17ex_3B_wds1548957_1.jpg 2011_forest_river_wildwood_exl_17ex_3B_wds1548957_3.jpg 2011_forest_river_wildwood_exl_17ex_3B_wds1548957_6.jpg 2011_forest_river_wildwood_exl_17ex_3B_wds1548957_9.jpg 2011_forest_river_wildwood_exl_17ex_3B_wds1548957_14.jpg 2011_forest_river_wildwood_exl_17ex_3B_wds1548957_15.jpg 2011_forest_river_wildwood_exl_17ex_3B_wds1548957_17.JPG
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  2. jacol84

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    Nice, Paul. Two of our friends recently fixed up a travel trailer they bought used, but it was pretty bad when they got it. Yours looks like it's in very good shape.
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  3. Jack Pine

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    Me likey!
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  4. xcaliber

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  5. Stalker

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    Its in great shape other than one soft spot in the bathroom floor I discovered.Talked them down $1500 because of it. Wont be a hard repair.The leak has already been fixed.

    Taking it to the lake for 3 nights next week. Its going to be nice having Ac and not worrying about thunderstorms drenching a tent. We used to have a old 1971 Starcraft pop up. It was better than a tent but this is a whole new level.:D
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  6. Stalker

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    Well I picked it up Saturday. I decided to go with a quick fix on the bath floor for now. Put down some 3/8" plywood and some 88cent peel and stick tiles and some molding.Cost me less than $15 since I had the plywood and will work fine:D A permanent fix will be a little more involved and come later on down the road:D. Turned out looking pretty good for a camper:D 20180715_182905.jpg 20180715_182920.jpg
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  7. robertyb

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    The repair looks good and will probably last for several years.
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  8. Stalker

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    Thats what I figure too. If not, no big deal only cost me $15

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