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    I called this morning as the main man lancastery archery Tradtech guru has been away but back today . all I read on fourms says this is the go to man to talk too so I called him about the Tradtech Titan risers ,limbs for his advice. I had been looking at the ones he recommended an had picked after much reading on forums. he said a month or two wait for the rises to come in but did have a lefty on hand an just happen to be one .

    I told him around the poundage,draw,a shelf rest I would like an he said it will be shipped from the warehouse an ready around noon to try it out. got there an looked around till it came an they had 3 sets of limbs for me to try then shot it an hooked! Picked out some arrow shafts then went to get feathers an the guy said don,t buy any as I am giving you some an a few other things. then gave me 10 percent off everything .

    Tradtech risers machined in Lancaster county with lifetime guarantee an takes IFL limbs. great people to deal with!!!!

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