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  1. Masboy

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    My youngest an I are changing over for hunting to recurve ,longbows . my other sons getting one also after shooting his buddy,s. we never had so much fun getting together an shooting, tuning them. Just plain old fun an can,t wait to shoot with mine some more later.easy on targets ,nothing better than watching that arrow fly like a dart an hitting where you want. we're hooked :oops:
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  2. jacol84

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    I used to love shooting trad. Too bad I really wasn't much good at it, or at least not consistent. I made bamboo bows for all 3 boys, and they used to shoot a lot. The youngest really liked it the most, and I think he had some good potential. He was better than I ever was for sure. Doesn't get to shoot anymore, living in Brooklyn and working in Manhattan.:rolleyes:
  3. Masboy

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    I been on the injured list for quite awhile an finally got to shoot my recurve with my new arrows I been setting on .there full length GT traditional weighing in at 455g with razers,125 tips. tuned them bare shaft at ten yds till they went in strait for left,right,up,down.

    I shoot bare bow with fingers,no sights as I just hold it there an let it fly when it looks right.these are my last 3 shots at 15yd ,so I think I,m ready for a deer as I,m pretty consistent at my kill range I set at 20 yd.i had confidence in my shooting from everything I learned before an didn,t seem to need lots of practice as i got back in the groove quick after a few shots.getting my licence soon an try to hunt in the next week or so ,as it,s prime time then for me.
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  4. Masboy

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    Still learning as I went out an shot at a deer target this morning ,couldn't hit a bull in the -ss at 20 yd .too bad deer don,t come with the dots to aim at on them o_O now 15 yd max ,lots more practice an God help me when I put broadheads on an a different sight picture :confused:. all I know is too line up the broadheads the same an practice with them only.

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