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    Don,t take me long to get my big wood range blocks shot up . I done away with them an now just shooting in this dirt pile ,I piled up more an packed some with my tractor.also dug our little garden up abit to loosen the soil abit .only thing I didn,t dig up was our mint tea box,strawberrie plants.wife went to the store an I accidentally ran over some bushes an had to remove them an despose of them:rolleyes: went down an pushed the mud off the boat ramp an washed it off with buckets of water. went down to pay for a launch I did last week as no one was there then,he wouldn,t take it an said I see you cleaned the ramp off an I appreciate it. I said wasn,t me :rolleyes: he said I know it was you ,I said can you prove it an he laughed an said you got 4 free launches coming for that. I can,t get away with anything as someone always rats on me for every thing I do :confused: like where I was hunting ,fishing ,
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    Good deal! My tractor is still on the "no move" list, every time I move it I leave more ruts and damage then the ruts fill with water :(:(. I'm needing a backhoe and a few hundred feet of 4" drain pipe :rolleyes:.

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