Tips on pig hunting in thick scrub.. middleton 375ss

Discussion in 'Crossbow Hunting - Hogs' started by Jackel, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. Jackel

    Jackel Member

    Hey guys! So as most of you know I got my middleton 375ss recently for the purposes of hunting mainly pigs and deer. The pigs that live in the national park out the back of my house are many bUT smart and make themselves hArd to find. . The misus and I have seen them a couple of times, heard them a few times and seen tracks lots of times..
    I've been out a few times on foot on dusk in the areas I know them to be with no sightings with bow in hand.. yet.. what is good bait to bring them in if I pick a good killing feild? I've heard molasses on oats, cooked brown rice, just the kitchen scraps.. has anyone tried this? I would be doing it every couple of days to start then once a week..
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  2. Jack Pine

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    Got a cider mill anywhere near you? I'd try apple pulp; works for deer also. Corn is always a good bet.
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  3. City Rat

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    Corn and molasses mixed and put outnon the ground
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  4. joey

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    corn in a champagne bottle. you will hear those piggies rollin them around to get the goodies out.
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  5. Jackel

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    I like that one! Like a piggy Kong. .

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  6. OldschoolBH

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    I wonder if they would like peanut butter as much as the deer. I put a jar on a tree near my climber tree and they would empty the jar in two days. One time after replacing it and hunting the next morning, I had 12 does and yearlings come in at the same time like a 1st grade field trip!
  7. glassman_48

    glassman_48 Member

    Would you explain exactly how you put a jar of peanut butter up in a tree? Is the jar plastic? Thank you
  8. OldschoolBH

    OldschoolBH Member

    I buy a pack of large wood screw hooks at wallyworld 6pk for couple bucks. loop of the hook is about 3" long and 2" curve on end. Screw the hook into a tree about 4ft off the ground. I use the tip of my knife to drill a hole in bottom center of the plastic jar of P nut butter. Then thread it on the hook. Take the lid and seal off the jar and your done. I'm working out of town right now but when I get home I'll make set of how to pics.
  9. xcaliber

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    Never underestimate the drawing power of peanut butter. Also, a pumpkin mush with anything sweet draws deer by me, and a Southern Friend of mine mashes pumpkins after Halloween and says it brings in hogs. We put peanut butter jars on a few trees & setup trail cams to see if we had deer on our plot, and they showed up!
    Hunting thick stuff was my forte on my inlaws farm, and I scored more often than the group. I was not trophy hunting, but deer hunting, and what I did was find an advantage point over the thickets where I could see down into them. On one side there was a ridge that rose up maybe 15 feet from the thicket over maybe 60 yards, so my shots were long on that side of the land, and I stayed out until I could hunt it with the right wind, and tool, my muzzle loader! Make sure you got some good lanes to shoot too, seeing them don't get them in the truck if you can't squeeze a shot off! Good luck, and have fun!
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