Temagami Black Bear Hunt

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    I took a few days off this month and headed north to Ontario, Canada. The trip was very good and I was able to slow down a bit, enjoy a spring hunt and all of mother nature in a "new to me" part of North America.

    Temagami (Ta-mah-gu-me) is in eastern Ontario, mostly a resort vacation and outdoor sports destination area. The Lake Herridge lodge we stayed at reminded me of the vintage 50's/60's built resorts I knew as a kid back in Minnesota in the 70s. Service was great and the hosts here were a young couple with a good support team that did an excellent job hosting our group.

    Cabin #9

    From Allen Texas it's a 26 hour drive or 6 hours by air with two stops in Chicago, then Toronto and finally at North Bay.


    The Temagami (Te-mah-ga-me) area is nice, classic bear country. I was the furthest from camp in a ravine on the back side of a trail they called the "Ho Ci Minh Trail". A 10 minute drive by truck, then 20 minutes by ATV. The walk was less than 5 minutes so even by my standards it was a resort style trip into bear country.


    Bear movement was very slow due to a colder than normal spring. Day two we had a low temperature of 29 degrees and thankfully I packed the cloths to deal with it. As a group of seven hunters we logged over 250 hours in the stands with only six bear encounters, three of those were mine and only two bear were taken. In contrast to last year where six hunters tagged out in 3 days.

    The fist minute or so of the above video was a stand off. This bear had been here previously so he had my scent pegged. There had been two other male bears here at one time or another that same week so he may have been watching to see if any other bears were there before coming in.


    The shot was good, damage done was significant. He only took three bounds on exit before expiring, which I was very pleased about. Recovering a bear in this geography can be a challenge.

    Tumbled Bear.jpg


    I did get a chance to get some fishing in on Lake Herridge. We didn't do as well with the rod and reel but the scenery made up for it.

    Iceland Lake.jpg

    Iceland Lake Rock.jpg

    Iceland Lake2.jpg

    I hope you enjoy the pics and video.
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    Great story, glad you had a good trip, can't open some of your pix though.
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    I did do a copy function on several vs uploading and inserting Jack. I see them all when I look at the thread but that may be just my view. Let's see how others reply. Maybe I need to redo it ;)

    Great trip, very thankful for the chance to do it. A tip of the hat needs to go to Todd Bromley at Crossbow Magazine for the invite.
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    Awesome hunt, thanks for sharing with us house mouse guys :).
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    Check it now Jack. I think it's corrected.
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    Great pics and story, Rich. Thanks for sharing with us.
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    Yep, got em, thanks.
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    Happy to do so guys. Do it some day if you can. The hunt is quite different and bear meat is actually pretty good.
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    BTW, if you ever fly and need to carry hunting gear. Take a look at SKB cases. They have a case for just about anything. Pretty darn nice and they can take a beating yet keep contents safe.

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    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing.
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    Congrats! Very nice and well done!
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