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Discussion in 'Excalibur Crossbows' started by jacol84, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. jacol84

    jacol84 Active Member

    Grey Ghost front riser:limbs.jpg

    Matrix limbs from Brian, dipped by Wyvern in Shadowbark. Fitted to the Exo forward riser from Bruce (just opened the box today). String stops are Brian's custom S-5s with Mac Daddy stoppers.:D First did everything on the wife's list, then I had time to work on this.;) Step 2 will be getting the blue Apex rail powdercoated as close as possible to the riser color. That won't happen for a little while though. Tightened up and lock tited. Won't try shooting it until Friday.:(
  2. 8ptbuk

    8ptbuk Active Member

    Love that camo !
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  3. Masboy

    Masboy Active Member

    That,s going to make one fine rig!
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  4. Vital Limits

    Vital Limits Member

    Camo looks killer!
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  5. MI_Bowhunter

    MI_Bowhunter Member

    Looks good, that camo is great!
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  6. Oppie

    Oppie Active Member

    Very cool camo, The S5 string stops are the way to go, I've used those Mac Daddy stoppers and they are pretty sweet.
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  7. 8ptbuk

    8ptbuk Active Member

    I have been thinking of installing a set of S5 stops on my Exocet, Would like to find a used set at a good price or maybe trade for them. Please tell Me a little more about these, Look awesome !
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  8. Oppie

    Oppie Active Member

    They have a basic 3/8 rod that can be adjusted for length with a set screw. The 3/8 rod lets you use a lot of different archery rubber stops, I'm using a set the HiTek VOID stops an like them a lot. Seem like I cut a little bit off them to match my rod length. The S5 can be tough to find but you never know.
    HiTek void:
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  9. jacol84

    jacol84 Active Member

    Mike, Brian machines them down, I believe. He can tell you more specifically.
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  10. Stalker

    Stalker Member

    Lookin Good!
  11. jacol84

    jacol84 Active Member

    Thanks for the link, Bruce. You can also use Norway stoppers ($11 ?) or the non-slotted Bowjax, which are $5.99 the last time I checked.
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  12. Oppie

    Oppie Active Member

    Woops, got my stops mixed up! STS stops have the 3/8 rod, Excal's S5 has the ball knob.

    Think I have used the box jax before an prob will again.
  13. jacol84

    jacol84 Active Member

    Grey Ghost blue rail.jpg

    Mostly together now. Rail has to get powdercoated. Still has a standard scope mount but a new Guardian is sitting on the work bench waiting for me to fit a brush retainer in it. This one, with the forward trigger/thumbhole stock is only 33 1/2" long.:) Weight is 7# even like this. May be why it holds so steady. Patriot is 6.25# and the 355 SS is only 6 even. SS needs some front weight (probably dis bars) to hold well for me.
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  14. Oppie

    Oppie Active Member

    Oh that's purty, I'd shoot that :p ! Yes, add on the brush retainer, they work very well.
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  15. robertyb

    robertyb Member

  16. Masboy

    Masboy Active Member

    I like that rig!

    I just mostly neuter my s5 an they work great with my low brace height I run.
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  17. Oppie

    Oppie Active Member

    Is that $12.88 each or for a pair of them?

    Looks like each, I picked mine up a couple of years back along with some slotted bowjax. Both work good but I just like the voids look with a smaller profile.

    I know a guy that has a set of dis-bars, only used a few hundred times :D.
  18. jacol84

    jacol84 Active Member

    Bruce, I have a spare pair. Some really nice guy sent them to me a while ago.;)
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  19. xcaliber

    xcaliber Active Member

    Looks real nice!
  20. 8ptbuk

    8ptbuk Active Member

    Looks Good !
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