Spectre 375 "Elite" Package

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    OK, I made up the "Elite" tag but this is a unique offer. This CenterPoint Spectre 375 crossbow is brand new "as purchased" from CenterPoint. I've opened the box and assembled it, updated the trigger, added the brush retainer, added the Hawke built XV530IR scope, the Bowjax kit and I've zero it. It's a shooter and a very nice package.

    I've got three of these bows, two I'm building to sell and a third I'm keeping for myself. No, it's not a cheap package but it is far less expensive that you can buy and build it for and it stacks up in quality to xbows 2X it's price.

    This package has a retail value of over $1,200.00. I'm asking $700.00 for it and I'll back the warranty.

    Package.jpg Scope and Brush.jpg

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