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  1. Masboy

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    My son that helped me put up my stand today just called ,said he wacked one . called it in with his Wabi grunt call an shot it at 20yds with his compound. used a rage 2 inch cut ,got a passthru with blood everywhere. while on the phone with me he said there,s a small buck coming up the same trail. the winds still howling here but the son says he,s in a valley that,s not bad but can see the trees above blowing all around. he said it,s the same nice buck my grand daughter could not get a good shot at that they watched it walk away from her earlier this year . rage entrance hole
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  2. xcaliber

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    Nice Buck, congrats to him for me Frank!
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  4. Masboy

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    The funny part was he called me after shooting it saying he shot a pretty nice buck . after recovering it he said he checked it to see if it was warm because he thought the one he shot was much bigger:oops: when he came in with it an I seen it in the truck ,I said I see your buddy got one ,where,s yours :rolleyes: he smiled an said were going back an look for it:rolleyes:
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    The Masboy hunting genes are mighty indeed. Congrats!
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    It is a nice buck and will eat well. Tell him congrats from me too.
  7. Masboy

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    Thanks ! I'll tell him there was too much shrinkage between the shot,recovery too qualify for Boone ,crocket :p
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