Son got new toy

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  1. Masboy

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    He had a good time bringing it home from down south as it set on a log yard where he bought it . 6 flat tires on the trailer it,s mounted on ,on the way home(dry rot he guessed from sitting) ,an a 600$ over weight on the rear axles fine for this factory built machine at a weigh station in VA :confused: they make things tuff for the working man :eek:cool machine an I will get to play on it some :p 59335E26-2BB9-4A24-8907-29FA412A432D_zpszi2a9ctx.jpg

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  2. Jack Pine

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    Did he buy the tractor too? Nice rig, you'll get to do a lot of damage with that, Frank. Kinda like to have a backhoe and dozer to play with.
  3. Masboy

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    No he had it as he refurbished it after buying it from a salvage yard . I told him if he,s smart he should keep me away from it :p

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