Son got new toy

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  1. Masboy

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    He had a good time bringing it home from down south as it set on a log yard where he bought it . 6 flat tires on the trailer it,s mounted on ,on the way home(dry rot he guessed from sitting) ,an a 600$ over weight on the rear axles fine for this factory built machine at a weigh station in VA :confused: they make things tuff for the working man :eek:cool machine an I will get to play on it some :p 59335E26-2BB9-4A24-8907-29FA412A432D_zpszi2a9ctx.jpg

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  2. Jack Pine

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    Did he buy the tractor too? Nice rig, you'll get to do a lot of damage with that, Frank. Kinda like to have a backhoe and dozer to play with.
  3. Masboy

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    No he had it as he refurbished it after buying it from a salvage yard . I told him if he,s smart he should keep me away from it :p
  4. Masboy

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    Son just got done rufurbishing my ride an needs to put the decals on to finish it. he can,t afford new but takes pride in fixing up an keep what he has in good shape. I,ll put some finishing touches on it for him in the woods :oops::p
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  5. xcaliber

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    Wow! Very nice!:)

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