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    Not deer hunting skunked either :confused: laying here with one window partly open an started smelling skunk ,then remembered I forgot to leave our hound in as I let her out to pottie . jumped up an opened the door an she came running in :eek: mr skunk got her pretty good ,we're all skunked now ,grand daughter sprayed her with perfume ,making herself a face mask :p wife will like this when she gets home from work around midnight :eek: I will be sleeping upstairs an play dumb like I know nothing :cool::p
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    lol! To be continued......:D
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    The wife didn,t say much ,she just asked what happen . I said all I did was let the dog out to pottie ,when done she ran back in :rolleyes: grand daughter said everyone in school said she stinks :confused::p I told her just tell them it,s that new skunk perfume,she didn,t think that was funny :p I,ve taken baths in mater juice as a kid an that seemed to help. I remember using it as a cover scent bow hunting years ago. I always got some on me for some reason an smelled more like a skunk than our dog does now :p
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    Wife said at her work ,they thought that had a gas leak from the smell :eek::p she said no it,s just the skunk smell :oops::p wife,s been burning scented candles an thought that took care of it :rolleyes::p

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