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    I got my 45-70 guide gun out today to test some loads at 50yds . I had 300g hornady hp,350g fp interlock bullets. I started shooting mild loads the other day to sight in an get it close. today I kept rasing the powder charge to a hunting load an the 300g bullets were getting around 1-1/2- 2 inch 3 shot groups off sand bags using my Nikon 1x4 African . on 4x this scope had all kind of parallax at 50yd an I was not to happy about that.

    my 350g bullets were consistently shooting 3/4 inch groups with every powder charge I shot so I stopped when it started jarring my teeth loose :eek::p done an found out what I wanted to know an removed that scope . put on the vortex venom after filing the weaver base for it to fit. now to sight in the open sights ,red dot. work is never done but sure proud of the way this little remlin beast shoots :D
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