Scored some nice kitty's

Discussion in 'General Chatter & Off Topic' started by Stalker, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. Stalker

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    Went to my dad's place over the weekend. Did some fishing off the dock with my brother who was visiting from Michigan. Cought a nice Flat head and and a nice blue cat. The blue was a little heavier at 14lbs 31 inches long My brother caught a 21lb 3 foot long blue last week. 20190607_225451.jpg 20190608_003924.jpg
    For some reason it won't load the 21pounder pic.
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  2. Stalker

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    Let me try again.

    Nope still getting the error message
  3. jacol84

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    File too big? I have to reduce the size before I can get them to work.
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  4. Stalker

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    I'm not sure. Not sure how to do that on my phone either. The pic was sent by email. I took the others.
  5. Oppie

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    Nice cats, some good eats right there! I never keep the fish I catch but I'd make an exception for them, love catfish.
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  6. Masboy

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    Pretty fish! Looks like they been eating good.
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  7. Stalker

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    Got it resized with the laptop.

    20190524_094908_Burst03 (600x800).jpg
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  8. Oppie

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    That's a grillin size cat for sure :).
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