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  1. jacol84

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    I know this board has been on life support through the summer. Hope to get some opinions and what works for others.

    I just picked up a Ten Point Rangemaster Pro scope. Got it for below 50% of retail price off C/T classifieds, so I bit.;) I was just comparing it to my TR 525. I think the TPRP, with its 30mm tube, was a little brighter, though the TR525 is very bright and clear for the price. Biggest difference (for me) was when I turned on the illumination. BOTH are too bright (IMO) on the first (dimmest) step. The difference is the reticle and what's lit up. With the TPRP, the bolder reticle and spots were pretty easy to aim with when it was getting pretty dim, without illumination. With the light on step 1, I could still aim on selected leaves with the TPRP. Only the spots light up with the TP. With the TR525, once it got to "deer 30" light, I could still see those leaves, just couldn't aim on them because the reticle was so fine it didn't show up (again, to me). Turning the light on to step 1, those selected leaves just about vanished. When the half circle above the 20 yard "crosshair" lights up, I just lose so much of the background. I can still do much better with my 2 Leupolds with the heavy duplex reticle. I just wish the duplex "points" were squared off instead of so sharply pointed. (They are nice for fine aiming in good light though.) Again, for me, the best low light scope I've looked through is the Parker Pin Point. It's bright, pretty clear, and the illumination is adjustable down to a much lower level than the TP or TR, but still very clearly visible. I would have to assume that the Leupold firedot scopes would be excellent, but I doubt I spend that kind of money at this point in time. At any rate, that's my experience. YMMV.;)
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    My eyes are far from being good.With that said My lighted scopes ,2 Horton 2-7x32 ss320's made by Hawke and my Hawke xb 1.5-5 ir,sr do fine in low light for me. With the illumination on the lowest settings they all are fine.

    2 seasons ago I had a buck lined up at about 23 yards in the dark with the illumination on the lowest setting with one of the Horton scopes. I could barely make him out though. I couldn't see him at all with the naked eye. I paused and decided to wait for more legal light as the sun was coming up. As my luck would have it he winded me I guess and took off. I think I could have made the shot well before legal light so the scopes I have are not a issue for me hunting wise.

    When it comes to target shooting I prefer the Hortons over the Hawke. More magnification and finer lines are a plus for dime size dots over 30 yards:D
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  3. Masboy

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    I don,t have any experience with others ,but 2 that do work great at low light are the vortex viper XBR . for a red dot the EOTech 512 I have that you can dim the dot too nothing or brighten as needed.
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  4. robertyb

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    I agree with the Vortex XBR. It is my go to scope usually. I also like the TR 530 better than the TR 525 for low light as it can be turned down lower than the 525 model.
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  5. Stalker

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    If the illumination is too bright have you tried a well worn battery? They will get weak but will still have enough to light the ret for a good while just dimmer.
  6. jacol84

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    I have thought about that, Paul. Probably won't do it though. Last 3D shoot, the first target was a black boar in dark woods. Turned on the illumination and...dead battery!:rolleyes: Mr. Murphy is very good at finding me, so I'm not going to rely on a weak battery.;) I think the Ten Point scope has potential, and I'm saving that one for when the RDT frankenbow is done. The eye relief on the Leupolds is too long for a bow like that. Really just trying to get conversation going over here. Glad some of you guys checked in with your experiences.:)
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  7. timbikeride

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    I've never really liked the lighted scopes. If the lights get too dark for my Leupold heavy duplex, it's normally too dark to really identify my target.
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  8. kip

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    I have an older leupold vx2 3-9x40 that won't hold zero, I wonder if they would fix the issue and install a heavy duplex reticle in it? It is light enough to be a decent crossbow scope.
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  9. xcaliber

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    Yes they will fix it. Contact them first to get an RMA number, make sure you follow all of their instructions on labeling the package, etc. You will be amazed how they take care of you. I bought a used scope that had a damaged eye ring from the previous owner dropping it from his stand, they fixed it for me even though i bought it used, Lifetime Warranty! ;)
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  10. Oppie

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    Yes they will fix or replace it. I bought a used leupold 10x back in 73 and it fogged up about two years ago, they replaced it with a new 12x no questions, just follow their directions. Only took a couple of weeks turn around time.
  11. kip

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    thanks for the info guys.

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