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  1. Masboy

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    These are the best lures I have ever made,they work like a crankbait only with more vibration ,side to side can add rubber on the rear if you like ,but they look more realistic in the water swimming just as they are,all metal used in these lures made in the USA ,assembled in USA ,(excluding hooks,snap rings of unknown origin),tested an approved by a susky river rat:rolleyes::p
    image.png image.png
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  2. robertyb

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    We need to see pictures with fish attached to the lures.
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  3. Oppie

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    Yea, what he said!
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  4. Masboy

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    I,m so tired of catching big fish I don,t even take pictures anymore :rolleyes: I will get some next time out foresure as my son an I are going out this weekend. I see stripers , walleye pictures coming soon in my crystal ball :p
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  6. Oppie

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    Okey Dokey :D.
  7. Masboy

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    Going down tommorow ,sons been tearing up big stripers ,walleye,bass down at port deposit trolling. can,t wait to get my lures in that water :D:p
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  8. Oppie

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    Good luck!
    Buddy of mine sent me some pics of him & his two little kids catching some small walleye's in the susky today, Ole susky looks good for now but we have another week of storms & rains coming.

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