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    So hard up my son an I been setting a target out in the rain an standing in my garage out of the rain.he,s shooting his longbow an me shooting my recurve. lots of fun an a real learning experience for me as I try many different things to get consistant accuracy. just like everything else I shoot ,I found out don,t move the bow when you relax your fingers on release.

    I did find out I,m not capable of thinking of doing 2 things at the same time:confused::p I do the best I can with my right eye being my master eye as I,m a lefty.i found if I draw the bow with my master eye closed I can then look down the arrow with my left eye,then open both eyes an shoot with the sight picture of the arrow on the right as I see two :oops::p works for me :p
  2. Masboy

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    Finally getting somewhere as this been lots of trial,error .figured out that the guy that set my Tradtech bow up where I bought it had my adj Tradtech riser out of wack,I made this shelf to get the arrow shaft up to the plunger hole height,changed the tiller to dead even for my three finger under shooting.tried different brace heights.

    tinkering with my arrows till I got bare shafts to hit with fletched ones.this has been frustrating when your not a good enough shot to know what,s working an what,s not :confused: I had to become a better shot to figure things out:p I,m now good at my normal killing range of 15-20 yds I think:rolleyes::D

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    Good for you, Frank. Wish I could still do that. I loved shooting stickbow - on the days when I was on. Some days, I could easily stick them in a fist sized group out to 25. The next day, basketball sized.:eek::rolleyes: Never really figured it out. Read a few books, but they only helped a little, for a short time. Didn't trust hunting that way, so I gave it up. Then again, I never had a squirrel for a pet, so...;)
  4. Masboy

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    It,s one of the hardest things I,ve done an still a long way to go ,now practice ,practice,practice o_O I,m getting better at breaking nocks as this is my second group this morning . you sure don,t want a squirrel :confused:maybe a grizzly bear would be less trouble. chews everything in the house up,bites people,sharp claws that leave plenty of blood ,scares. may lead to divorce :oops::p
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    From the looks of this your cup is half empty, or half full. The cup on the box that is.:D:eek:
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    That kind of fits both cups :oops: I wish the one I use most was half of anything ,but it,s down below the empty mark :confused::p

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