Playing with #3 and problem solving.

Discussion in 'General Crossbow Discussion' started by jacol84, May 31, 2018.

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    Haven't been able to get any shooting in lately, but with the "farming" winding down and a dreary day but no real rain yet this AM, I decided to go play. The hybrid and the SS are both pretty well set for thier purposes, so I put yet another #3 bow together. My 13.5" power stroke, dented up Middleton rail, the Excal Exo forward riser, a pair of 32" Midi cut off limbs that now have heat shrink tubing on them instead of cloth camo wrap. Looked a lot better with the shadow bark stock. Put my tapered shims in the reflex position so this one likely pulls 250# or so at 13.5. Held back by an Excal 405 trigger, modified by Jack Pine. I would call it bba magnum #3. Noise and speed wise, I think it's right in the middle between the SS and the Patriot hybrid. I had some frustration with inconsistency. Not sure if it was the bow, scope, arrows, or me.:oops: Tried shooting more carefully and did some turning to try and spine tune, and things got better. Top and bottom left were both turned to all 3 positions, and are still off a bit on a called good hold. The rest are acceptable. That was only at 30 yards with the Ready-Shot. Nice that the club had a new target that, for the time being, actually stops my arrows before the fletching gets into the bag.:D I could try this again with the spine idexed Tapps. Don't know how much time to put into a setup that likely doesn't see the woods. It is nice to be playing with the #3 setup, at the end of May, rather than where I was just a few years ago, trying to get the #1 bow dialed in in mid September.;)

    bba magnum 3.jpg bba mag 3 at 30.jpg
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    Looks good Jeff, and nice shooting. What happened to the grey ghost?
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    Still available. I stopped shooting that rail because the cocking hooks were wearing the sides some. I may take it back to the guy to have him coat it again. I found with tied in nocks, I can keep the hooks off the side, but I just wanted to play with this combo.
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    Nice shooting Jeff! Why the heat shrink? How do you shrink it?
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    Thanks Paul. Truth is, I wasn't shooting as well as the target indicates until I "turned nocks" on the non indexed Zombies. Wanted to see how they would shoot. Also some of the high/low shots are adjusting the Pin Point scope to be on at 30.

    On the heat shrink, these are originally 36" Middleton limbs that I cut down to 32". They are under pretty much stress at that draw length, so I reinforced them with strapping tape on the tension side to help keep them from splintering. I originally wrapped them with Allen camo cloth tape, but thought the black would go better with the Shadow Bark camo. Just trying to keep them shooting because there really is no chance of replacing them at this point.:( I can always to go Matrix limbs, but they are definitely louder at the shot than these limbs. I tried shrinking the tubing over the gas grill, but it wasn't hot enough. Did that over a burner on our gas range. I did worry about that much heat, but moved quickly and the limbs seem to be fine. I wouldn't be doing all this crazy stuff if this was my #1 crossbow.;)
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    Even though I spine index all my arrows. Every once in a while 1 just wont group:eek: and a different cock vane helps. With that being the case sometimes. I started fletching all my arrows with the same color vanes:D I just mark the shafts where to load:D
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