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Discussion in 'General Crossbow Discussion' started by Stalker, Apr 16, 2019 at 11:07 PM.

  1. Stalker

    Stalker Member

    Was going to wait and possibly get one of the new Centerpoint/Man kung bows. But I got tired of waiting and Academy Sports had 1 Killer Instinct Ripper 415 for $379 Reviews have been pretty good on this one and its been out for a while. The lifetime warranty also is better than the CP bows offer so I got it. 20190412_140351.jpg 20190412_155946.jpg 20190414_195815.jpg

    Chrono speeds are slower than advertised but its still shooting 406 fps with a 387 gn arrow and 393 with a 429 gn. Put a Trophy Ridge xv530 ir scope on it. Eye relief is a little close but I think I'll get used to it. I know I love the extra mag with the speed dial way up over 390. I think I'm going to like it. Its also pretty light for a compound at 6.9lbs

    Shot a few groups yesterday at 20 and 30 yards testing some arrows for it. These BS Witness shafts with Zeon fusion vanes did pretty good. Had to hold under a little with 2 of them so a little nock tuning may be in order. All in all not too bad.

    @20yards 20190415_123415.jpg 20190415_123424.jpg

    @30 yards 20190415_125321.jpg
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  2. Masboy

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    Nice! fast,accurate an looks great to me.amazing for the price !
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  3. Jack Pine

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    Sweeeeeeeet! More good shootin.
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  4. jacol84

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    Looking good, Paul. How is the cocking effort with that beast?
  5. Stalker

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    Not as bad as I thought it might be. Its a long 15" stroke, but the cams roll over and it gets a little easier about 3/4's of the way up. I've probably shrunk to about 5'8" used to be 5'9" and I have no issues... Yet... They do have a crank though :D
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  6. xcaliber

    xcaliber Active Member

    Looks great. Shoots pretty good I’d say too!
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  7. Munch007

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    Very nice! Looks like it's working well!
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  8. bbahunter

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    Nice bow, good luck with it.
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