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Discussion in 'Doing It Yourself - Crossbow Maintenance' started by Masboy, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. Masboy

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    It got the saw today an now it,s a 10-1/2 inch stroke forward riser bow. lots heavier than my little 10 inch parts bow with the Bushnell scope ,metal stirrup,thumb hole stock . going to put it on a diet after I get done testing some arrows with it. made a nice little bow with the factory camo rail,riser,thumb hole stock.I was so sore from cocking my long stroke vortex I was ready to give them up. I shot this thing some today an much easier on me to cock . I love it an have all the parts to keep it shooting for a long time with my little parts bow.

    I guess my vortex is now my new power bow :confused: with the matrix limbs,strait riser ,15-1/2 inch stroke . it,s about equal to 14-1/2 stroke ,forward riser ibex . I,ll save it for when people want to borrow my bow to hunt with,I,ll say if you can cock it your welcome to use it :eek::D
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    Never a dull moment in Masboy land.:D
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    I always put a smile on Murphy,s face as he watches over medead: the other day out on the river I caught a big carp an had quite a time getting my jig out of his mouth as he was rolling an floping in the boat,when I got er done I looked an seen my G loomis pole laying on the floor broke in half :eek:
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    Damm :p fish.
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