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    sons giving me his new G40 10 mm Gen 4 with the mos mount system that my vortex venom will fit right on. I.m excited as I had his old G20 before without the mos system an gave it back some time ago.i love this new G4 10mm as I shot it before with him an no need to remove the sights to install a red dot.holds 1 in the pipe ,15 in the mag an can,t wait to reload for it an get me a accurate hammer load with my favorite power pistol powder.looks like a fire breathing dragon when you touch it off with power will be my 460S&w baby brother that will get carried an shot the most .here,s what it looks like. image.png
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    Nice ! I own several Glocks and they're great guns !
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    Looking good!
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    I just like a little more thump with my carry gun , I have pretty big hands an use a high firm grip like I do on all big handguns. this gun is mild to shoot for a pretty potent thunper with full power loads.never hurt my hands when i shot it with some of my sons thumper loads had some guns that really jump, hurt my hands ,one a single action old Ruger Blackhawk 44 mag,about any light revolver with full power 357 mag loads.

    I got my new glasses so the open sights will be my pick for this close range thumper .i feel pretty good about it holding 16 rounds total an no need to carry more rounds or a extra clip most times.i don,t spray rounds,I aim each one. I may not be the fastest draw ,but if I have time to aim there,s a pretty good chance of catching one between the eyes :oops::p
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