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    Turned my Tradtech 3 recurve into my bowfishing rig by making a bracket an installing the muzzy spinner reel I had on my crossbow. using slugged 2315 super slams with brass inserts in each end with safety slides . shot these arrows off a low shelf I put back on an flew great out of this 47lb bow.never shot them with the string attached yet but will an they just shoot a little lower most times. I sight in at 10yds. on my bag to tune my arrows for great flight then to the river an shoot some different ranges at objects on the bottom of the water with the string attached for practice.

    All the shooting I been doing with this recurve really helped me for bowfishing accuracy an now will be deadly accurate at bowfishing ranges. Look out carp ,flathead catfish :D

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  2. Masboy

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    I added 2-1/2 inches to these slugged arrows for a total length of 34 inches with a weight of around 1400 gr. I guess? spin like tops an deadly accurate . I have 1 open hole pin sight for testing accuracy an with the string attached it,s dead on at 10yds. can,t wait to try it on some fish.
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    Good job! That'll put the smack on those big ole river carp, your going to have a good time for sure :D:D:D
  4. B&R

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    i just interviewed for that company to day if you need more boxs
  5. Masboy

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    Wife works at a nursing home an they have lots an she keeps me supplied . there,s a dart container in Lancaster not real far from here an they say it,s a good place to work?
  6. B&R

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    how far from lancaster are you use to go there a lot . we have one in fedralsburgMd about 20 min away spent 4 hrs there to day interview and tour of equpement have a interview
    at walmart distrubtion center tomorrow in the am
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  7. Masboy

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    about 20 miles away an I hauled a lot of stone out of here in pa to that Walmart distribution center a few years ago.

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