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    image.jpeg Put my Leupold m8 2x EER with warne quick detach mounts on my baby 460 S&W an sighted it dead on at 25yd ,then back to 50yds an about a inch high. this weighs around 5lb ,3lb great trigger , this things not a real kicker an deadly accurate.i have it loaded down abit to about like a full power 454 casull ,that's around 1800fps with a 300 gr hornady mag bullet. this will be my river hill gun hunting from my boat, parked on the shore watching thickets on the hillsides . I just love shooting this big pleasure to shoot thumper ,I shoot it better than any handgun I ever shoot an due to the weight,trigger I think.i,m ready :D
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    :eek::eek::D Niiiice!
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    Very Nice! I likey!:cool:
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    Love it !
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    Nice hog leg!
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    I now got it sighted in with warne quick detachable mounts on a 4x Leupold fx11 ,regular warne mounts on Leupold M8 2x that it has on it now ,iron sights.once these scopes are sighted in on my 460 with warne rings both detachable an not ,they both hit almost the exact poi at 25yd when taken off an put back on ,even with changing rings around on the two scopes.

    got to love them warne rings as they are the best I ever used on anything .they never strip or come loose,I,ve had them on crossbows ,on this 460 that they say you should use three but I only use 2 an no problem.i only buy warne rings now.
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