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  1. Masboy

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    Went to Lancaster archery today an got some new shafts after shooting my sons arrows. they are same as his 32-1/2 inch 400 spine carbon express heritage shafts with wood grain buff tuff coating. I put 2 inch razer feathers,125 tips on them full length with a weight of 503 gr. these small dia arrows weigh 10.2 gr. per inch an heavy little critters. got a new shooting glove an some angel majesty .021 serving an will make my son an I some spare strings.

    They give us great deals everytime I,m there like today the dozen shafts were 80.00 $ an they gave them to me for 64.00$ when I ring out .great people to deal with!
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  2. Masboy

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    Made a high shelf rest so I would get better fletching clearance on these heavy spine arrows an never had so good of flight as they are now flying like darts . took a piece of oak I had for making bow grips an used a small piece an rounded the top an glued a strip of the smooth part of Velcro on it an works great.

    Started out this morning with bare shafts an fletched ones hitting the same poi but was getting better groups with the bare shafts an knew I had a fletching contact problem from the wore down flat shelf . Problem fixed!!!! Think I could shoot Blazers if I wanted now. don,t know how I get involved in so many things that I have to try to figure out if it,s the last thing I do :confused::p
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  3. jacol84

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    Nice problem solving, Frank.
  4. B&R

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    that bow is not meant to shoot off the shelf nice way to adapt it i have been using velcro for many years works great
  5. bbahunter

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    Masboy, what kind of bow is that?
  6. Masboy

    Masboy Active Member

    Tradtech 3 riser with long glass Tradtech limbs.
  7. bbahunter

    bbahunter Active Member

    That riser looks cool.

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