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Discussion in 'Crossbow Bolts & Broadheads' started by Masboy, Apr 7, 2018.

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    After reading what stalker wrote the other day,it got me thinking about losing accuracy. I have arrows that were very accurate with poi close the same,now these arrows still shoot ok but nothing like before.i got to looking back on old post where I shot these arrows when they weren't very old. they were deadly accurate at lengths From 20-32 -1/2 inches,now neither the 20 inch,32-1/2 inch shoot like they did before.

    I been shooting my sons 26 inch arrow that has been shot very little an my new 32 inch ones an there's no comparing accuracy as the new ones are much better. I also found out moving to a different cock vane on the old arrowS has much more affect on the arrows than the new ones.these are small dia Carbon arrows ,but imagine the same with most carbons.i use to keep targets for groups,poi for each of my best arrows but not anymore .
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    Frank, you read a whole lot of info on forums, and sometimes you have to wade through it to find what's useful. Can't recall how many times I've read that "carbons are either straight or broken." A few guys who seemed to be ahead of the curve (the first one I recall was Len in Maryland) posted often about carbons losing spine over time. I know I just had to be one of the earliest adopters when the Easton Axis arrows first came out. I got a dozen and only shot 6 of them for about 6 months. They started shooting bad enough that I was doubting my shooting. Took the 6 I shot and put them on an arrow spinner. The results were ugly. It was no wonder they shot badly. The unshot shafts still spun pretty well for .005s (or whatever they were.) I have some BEEs that are going on 4 years old, so I will have to be more careful observing how they shoot. A dozen XX75 Magnums should be here today. Looking forward to putting them together and seeing how they shoot in comparison to the Tapps, BEEs, and Zombies. I do think crossbow arrows, being so short and stiff, would hold up better than longer, more flexible arrows for compound bows.
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    I think my accuracy is fading over time to :p.

    Betting your going to like them :), a lot!
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    Frank, I use to experience loss of accuracy with thin walled aliminum shafts years ago when shooting vertical bows, They were very fragile ! Could of have been Me pulling them out of target more than shooting ! Accuracy does seem to fade over time !
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    I remember when I first got my xx75 an they were deadly accurate an seemed to go down hill after many shots ,well at least th ones I didn,t bend or break. the old chisel used to get a workout at my range.

    yesterday after fletching 3 an sighting in 1 of my 3 new 32-1/2 inch arrows I shot all 3 at half inch dots at 25yd an all 3 hit there dots. no tinkering with them an just shot them on a cock flètch I just put on in no certain place. real happy with that but this wind,cold just don,t want to slow down an seems like one of them years it forgot spring.
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    Did some 50yd shooting today in a pretty strong 1/4 angle wind. I was sitting on my 50yd bench beside my row of ceader,pine trees that blocked some of the wind for the first 20 yd. then open to the target .i was shooting my new gateway fletched 33 inch total length from end of nock to point tip ,500gr plus heritage arrows.

    I was shocked at how well they shot an kept all 3 of them in a 3 inch square most shots except for when a gust would take one a couple inches left out of the square.most times 2 of the three would be around a inch or less from each other with the wind effecting the other more as I could feel it pick up before I shot an never the same arrow as I had them marked. real happy with these an can,t wait for a calm day .
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    The wind finally slowed down an just a light breeze so I shot at 50yd some more,removed my bipod as I couldn,t stand it on there.my varizone took a crap on me an was all blurry just like another one I have :confused: I put my Nikon African back on an sighted in cutting holes at 25y ,then went back to 50y ,fired all three arrows one time with a group of 1 inch an put it away as it was getting dark.

    anytime I get a one inch group at 50y shooting the same arrow over,over it goes in my special arrow holder. when I get a 1 inch group from three different arrows fired for group at 50y I,m excited an one happy camper.i didn,t even have to tinker with these arrows an thinking maybe because there new?

    I have to know an see if I,m just lucky or there new has a anything to do with it. I will try different fletching for the cock vane an see if it changes poi. I Know it didn,t matter long ago with my first batch of these but is does now with the couple I have left of the old batch that I just shot the other day.
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    I found out today as I shot my 3 new 33 inch 500+ g arrows at 25y .it did not make any difference what vane I used for the cock vane . each vane 3 shot group cut holes or clover leafed ,I would guess half inch an under size groups with real close same poi an I was shocked.can,t believe these long weak spine arrows ,that spine does not seem to matter,figure that one out ? new is gooooooood :oops::ponly bad thing I kept hitting the same hole on my MMA bag an one of my shots pushed a clump of rags thru the rear of the bag making a 3 inch hole ripping the material in the back of my bag :eek:
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