Last weekends pig roast

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  1. MI_Bowhunter

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    We had a family pig roast and BBQ last weekend.

    I cooked a 112# hog in a homemade roasting box.

    Done this a few times but rebuilt the box this year.

    Thought I would share some pics

    2019-08-15 12.55.02.jpg 2019-08-15 12.54.30.jpg 2019-08-15 12.54.03.jpg 2019-08-15 12.53.46.jpg

    It took about 8 hours. Would have been a few hours faster had we pulled the hog out of the cooler and let it warm up first.

    The crispy skin is my favorite part.

    The box is just plywood lined with aluminum flashing. Works great!!
  2. Masboy

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    Looks yummy! I also would prefer that that outside part.

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