Keltec Sub 2000 gen 2’s

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    Scooped up (2) suppressor ready sub 2000 gen 2’s yesterday. Looking forward to exercising these at my local range. Just dam glad I live in a state where I am free to buy and own the firearms I want.

    Already ordered a couple of Glock 17 ....33 round 9mm mags. Will be placing an order with for a few upgrades, trigger, sling mount, muzzle break. Vortex red dot and Midwest folding scope mount eventually on my short list. My LGS only had these two and said their distributors where out. Some say these are ugly as a mud fence...haha...there portability weight of 4lbs, 16” long folded grew on me quickly. ;)




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    Nice!!!!! get um while you can ,if the demorats take over you won,t be able to get anything an may need them.
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    Masboy you are on point.
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