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  1. Masboy

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    I hung up an shot this new MMA bag of my sons a few days ago. this an all his weights, work out equipment has been stored in my loft a few years. guess who shows up to get his stuff a couple days ago to take it with him back to Tennessee :confused::p he started loading his stuff an I said if your looking for your bag ,I pointed to the tree in my yard it,s hanging in an said it,s got some arrow holes in it :confused:I said just go take it down an he said you can have it :oops: I made him feel better as he was loading all his stuff as I seen all these nice looking steel weight bars,I said if I knew they were there I could have made something good out of them :rolleyes: I did use a couple of his weights that were missing modifying a custom boat anchor:oops::p
  2. jacol84

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    Gotta charge something for years of storage, Frank.;)
  3. Masboy

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    Lol! funny thing is the timing :oops: I,ve never been able to get by with anything I do as it always seems to catch up with me :confused::p I gave up long ago trying to hide anything I do , now I don,t denie anything an just play dumb .I get amnesia a lot also :confused::p
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  4. Oppie

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    amnesia & hearing problems :oops:

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