In before the heat wave.

Discussion in 'General Crossbow Discussion' started by jacol84, Jun 29, 2018.

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    We are supposed to be getting a heat wave here for about the next week. Took a short break from house/property projects and let my big dog run!:D Confirmed 30 and 40 yard zero with the Ready-Shot, then took a few offhand shots at 30. My highly advanced, newly recovered bag target features "Dixie cup technology" and magic marker with bigger and smaller circles.;) I did not have a good night's sleep and definitely need more practice, but there's a few months to go before things get serious.:) Shooting this thing is always good medicine for all the "Gotta get one of the cool new crossbows" ideas that pop into my when I'm on CN or CT.;) It just fits me perfectly with the full length trigger/stock, making it easier to cock (for me). It's the heaviest draw recurve that I'd want to cock (without a crank) on an early morning hunt.

    380 on 6:29 (1).jpg 30 on 6:29.jpg 40 on 6:29.jpg 30 offhand on 6:29.jpg
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    Nice shooting Jeff. It's been hot here but if I have the time I try to get in a few shots.

    That's funny I actually took a few shots today down on 1 knee. Didn't do too bad at 30. I might have done better if I had been fresher. I was out in the heat doing some scouting before hand. I found what almost resembles a scrape. 20180629_155818.jpg 20180629_131538.jpg 20180629_131526.jpg
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    That's really good shooting, Paul. I remember going over to this range maybe 15 yrs ago with my Darton Compound bow, and KNOWING I could put three in a row inside a 2" spot. The hold was so steady. If I'm going to improve with the crossbow, I've got to relax and let the crosshairs float, and concentrate on where I want the arrow to go. They do move a lot at 4x offhand.;)
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    No doubt about floating! I need to practice more free hand shooting. I want to do some left hand shooting too. Even if its off a rest.

    Where I usually hunt they wont be coming from my right side.But I may be hunting some different areas this year.
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