I got luck again..another gun kill

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    I took my younger friend with me this morning and got set up in my blind and started calling and one bird answered us a few hundred yards away. After three or four gobbles he went silent and I told my buddy to just sit back and be patient. I occasionally make a few clucks and yelps on my slate call and finally another bird gobbled as I was speaking to him so he was not sure of the direction but said it was pretty loud. I could see a food plot off through the edge of the woods and after a few minutes I saw two gobblers headed in our direction in the plot. He was going to shoot first using my Mossberg 835 and he immediate wanted to change seats as the birds were coming from his right side and he shoots right handed. We carefully changed seats but I think the lead bird caught a tad of movement as we no sooner sat down than he veered off to the other side of the plot taking his buddy with him. My friend thought it was over with but I once again told him that patience killed birds. He wanted me to call and I said no, either they will circle us and come to my decoys or they might stop behind us to see what is going on. He wanted to swap seats again as I told him the birds would show on the left side so we once again did the seat swap. About 15 minutes later I saw a hen coming in beside me and told him to get ready because the gobblers were probably trailing her but she wandered off with no other birds being seen or heard. He was crushed to say the least but I told him again to just sit back and give it a chance. Finally I figured enough time had passed that the birds had forgotten about any movement seen so I picked up my slate and gave a series of soft yelps. Within ten seconds I saw both gobblers charging up the ridge to my left and told him to be ready. They attacked my gobbler decoy and one finally stopped and he shot it and started to shoot the other which was running off. I asked for my gun back and the running bird turned back to see why his buddy was not with him and I shot him. We went from nothing to a double in less than a minute. You gotta love turkey hunting. :wink:
    My bird is on the right side in the 1st picture with my buddy.
    And me walking out with my bird.
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    Very nice!
  3. Masboy

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    Congrats !what a exciting hunt! Nice birds
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    Still can't "like".:confused: Oh well, nice birds again, Robert. I suspect it's more than luck.;)
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    Great hunt! Congratulations
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    Same here. Congrats! That's why I love hunting gobblers, cause ya just never know what they're gonna do :).

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