Hunting last evening

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    son talked me into going hunting with him last evening ,him with his recurve bow an me a flintlock.i,m getting like him an wore my sneakers .didn,t realize the field was a swamp an all wet but found out after getting to the stand.i didn,t have enough clothes on either,got pretty cold an got out of my stand when I couldn,t see my sights good an had to walk by my son in his stand along the field edge.he was watching a buck an some doe back in the woods behind him 25 yd away coming out the trail that,s close buy his stand:oops: I spooked them :eek: he just laughed as I told him you should know better than have me close where your hunting:p next time I will be more prepared an on the other side of the woods from him:p
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    Wet feet & cold, I'm done too Frank!:eek:
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    `It's really swampy out there now, every little divet an hole is full of water, and my boot's have some cracks & leak a little bit. At least you've been out, I haven't made it out yet, maybe next week I can.
    Daughter told me she had thin sliced breaded & fried back strap today, need more Dad :p .
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