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Discussion in 'Crossbow Hunting - Everything Else' started by bigrak, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. bigrak

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    Anyone have their own or belong to one? What state is it in? I love the camp experience. Chores, repairs, firewood etc. Atv, snowmobiling and fishing!
    I used to rent different camps in Maine until I bought my own 16 yrs. ago. Great way to get away! Mine is 4hrs. away. Scouting, setting up treestands for deer season. Can't wait for turkey season and do some fishing soon. Brookies on the grille!
    Piece of heaven!!!! :)
  2. 8ptbuk

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    I've got one that sits on the Va / west Va border . It contains a right of way to the Jefferson National Forest , thousands of acre's of land to hunt . The Appalachian Trail runs on top of the Mtn. Behind our cabin , Two mile hike to reach it . If you can't obtain permission to cross the private land at the bottom then you can't get to the forest land behind it ! So its pretty secluded ! Some years its a great place to hunt depending on the acorn crop .
  3. 12 Ring

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    I have some land up in Maine and put my 28 Ft. camper on it. I leave the camper their year round had electricity and a well put in Satellite TV. I don't hunt there any more because of the big decline in deer density but a great family area with lake Keizer right down the street and N. Conway N.H. just 20 min away. Plus we love the Freyberg fair every year.

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