Huge Goanna Lizards?

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    With a bit of"Misstree" tinge about it,
    Like the "roumors" of GIANT BOARS
    ARE in FACT ...TRUE in "downunder"
    Well heres another...they are very rare these days but there ARE HUGE GOANNAS STILL WALKING THROUGH THICK SCRUB in very remote "out back"as overseas and Austrailan city dwelers call..the bush.
    i was once attack by a goanna that was BIG!
    even a smaller "printie" goanna type lizard will run at you and will make you realise how fast you can run'!
    They have sharp claws.
    black fellas hunt and eat them and i have as well.
    the blackfellas up north have heaps of storys about the big lizards.
    not t rex...native goanna lizards.
  2. bunyip slayer

    bunyip slayer Active Member

    Those the things on that island.
    the NORTHERN TERROITRY ,goannas
    around Alice Springs way.
    best way is to chuck them on the coals and then peel skin off and eat
    thats how the black fellas cook it sometimes.
    goannas can and do grow very large.
    i know few in the Terroritry that have shot real big ones.
    they didnt make a big deal about it and tell"the news"
    There heaps rare.

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