How would you like to meet a few of these in the woods !

Discussion in 'General Chatter & Off Topic' started by 8ptbuk, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. 8ptbuk

    8ptbuk Active Member

    This thing is huge ! Wonder what it weighs ? Glad there's none in Va. !!! Lol Amazing creature ! 2ccb63abd30791d60a79b5518597fd06.jpg
  2. XBowAdmin

    XBowAdmin <- Brad -> C/P Staff

    All set with meeting up with that. Holy big arse wolf.
  3. Masboy

    Masboy Active Member

    Beautiful animal! If they were in my neck of the woods the ol 45 would stay home an there would be a shotgun with 00 buck on my shoulder when hunting :)
  4. Munch007

    Munch007 Member

    Whoa Nelly!
  5. Oppie

    Oppie Active Member

    That's a big one for sure, I'll pass on the meeting one.
  6. Munch007

    Munch007 Member

    I made my current Walking stick with this in mind. A very nice shovel handle that I put a brass cane tip onto it from Lee Valley Tools. It's got switchable tips for it ... I use the stainless steel ice tip ... a person could generate a bit of force concentrated on a 2mil stainless point behind a good stout hickory handle ;)

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