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Discussion in 'Horton Crossbows' started by Cactus, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. Cactus

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    I sold my Mission MBX 320 and upgraded to the Horton Storm last September. The Horton is very heavy and I find it extremely unwealdy much more than other Crossbows I've owned. It's very accurate but quite loud. I may get rid of it and go back to a Mission, which I could shoot standing, sitting and kneeling. With the Horton I have no choice I have to sit. Does anyone have the same problems, I was attracted to the A to A of the Horton but the weight is extreme. The excalibur are light but very wide , I believe the Missions are the answer.
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  2. Stalker

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    Most of the Ten points I have shouldered seem heavy to me. My Matrix 350 doesn't seem overwhelmingly wide to me. I believe Excal has narrower models as well now days. The mission bows may be the answer for you.

    Good to see you around again Cactus
  3. timbikeride

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    I'd say go with whatever feels best to you. I owned several Excaliburs and always loved the simplicity of the recurve designs, but last year bought a Horton Storm. I like the more narrow width and speed of the Storm. I don't find the Storm too loud, but don't shoot a super light arrow.
  4. Cactus

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    I don't shoot a super light arrow either and I like the speed & narrow width but it is several pounds heavier than my Mission 320. I'll give it time for me to get used to it as It's deadly accurate. Thanks for the points from both of you, always good to get POV from others using crossbows.
  5. TX_RDXguy

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    The Storm is relatively heavy as a RDX bow. Like you I bought it for it's speed and narrow width when cocked. The balance was also excellent for me and something hard to find in any machined rail xbow, which were typically end heavy. I shoot off rests and rails 90% of the time I hunt and the weight vs balance wasn't a problem. Now I wasn't comparing the Storm to an Excal. as you have experienced which are some of the lightest xbows out there. I did not have any handling or balance issue shooting it freehand but I didn't do that very often. I generally practice the way a hunt which is sitting or standing and shooting off a rest of some sort.

    The Storm tips the scale 1.7 lb heavier then the 320 (8.2 vs 6.5) which can feel like a ton of weight. What you might look at is the Vortec which is even smaller (shorter, narrower, lighter) than the Storm and only about a pound heavier than the 320. It's rated at 340 fps with a 400 gn arrow.

    As for noise, the Storm and Vortec with limb dampners are mid 80s db bows and my guess is that most of the dampened recurves of the same limb weight make more noise.

    I just recently passed on my Storm and Vortec and am shooting the Nitro X. It's a very small package which I rally like and at 7.8 lbs it feels heavy for it's size. It's shares the same stock as the Stealth so I suspect that is an engineered point to help keep the bows stable with their heavy limb sets.
  6. Cactus

    Cactus Member

    TX_ RDXguy: Thank you, like you I shoot a Crossbow sitting from a rest or in a Tree stand with a Ten point support in my Belt.

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