Hickory Smoked Venison bacon wrapped tenderloin...

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  1. Patriot

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    Why we hunt-
    Hickory smoked bacon wrapped venison tenderloins this evening. They were really outstanding! Mrs Patriot made the sides! It just does not get any better than this gents! Happy!




  2. Oppie

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    Yea Buddy!!
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  3. xcaliber

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    Man that looks delicious!:cool:
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  4. robertyb

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    Wow that looks fantastic.
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  5. Masboy

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  6. Patriot

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    Thanks kindly gents...my wife loves the bacon wrapped smoked venison tenderloins. I hickory Smoke the TL’s for 1.30 hrs and the roast them at 350d until the bacon caramelizes..about 15-20 minutes. Once the bacon carmelizes, I pull em off and they are perfectly tender and juicy.
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