Hey, i thought that if you took guns away, there wouldn't be any crime?

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    Check out this article.
    The truth is, if people want to kill someone, they will find some way to do it, so it would seem that the Bible is correct; mankind has a ruined, sinful nature that must be converted, because we all have the capacity to kill one another. Ever hated anyone? The Bible says: Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him. 1 John 3:15 Guns are not the problem, they are only the tool murderers use to kill or commit other crimes; take away the gun, and the murderer will find another tool, as shown in the article. The first man recorded as born on the earth, killed his own brother, and he didn't even HAVE a gun. So it would seem again, that the Bible is correct, that the problem is an internal one that only a new, spiritual birth can correct, and that Jesus is the Only One who can accomplish that, but today's snowflake society can't tolerate HIM or guns either.
    Hey, it's NOT THE GUN, and it's NOT THE KNIFE, and now the Brits are proposing taking more rights away by randomly searching innocent citizens who are minding their own business, for knives. Since guns don't commit crimes, and since the confiscation of guns does not stop crime, it would seem that there must be some other agenda at work. Can you guess what it might be?
    Since the Crown confiscated all firearms from its population, and since a small number of its crimes are committed by criminals using guns, that ought to be enough proof to convince even a knee-jerk, emotionally-driven person, that only law-abiding citizens will obey laws to surrender their guns, leaving them at the mercy of criminals who will not.
    We're told that we don't need guns to hunt with, and that we should all become vegetarians to save the world. Veganism and animal rights people are in the tank right along with the no-gun crowd. What they all want is disarming the population and an end of firearms.
    Some say that we don't need guns to protect ourselves from criminals, that's what the police are for. God bless our police, but when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.
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    Guns have been illegal in Chicago for many years yet they lead the Nation year after year with gun murders, I can't figure it out.:confused: Maybe if the law abiding folks had the right to carry there would be less? :cool:
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    I agree with jack 200% !
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    The way all the brainwashed people in this country think,la la land must be a wonderful place to live :rolleyes:
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