Harley's back

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  1. Masboy

    Masboy Active Member

    She got operated on yesterday ,back home now waiting for all the test results to come back.i made her a good breakfast ,eggs,bob Evans sausage ,bob evans mashed taters . she cleaned her plate good :oops: don,t even have to wash it :p
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  2. Munch007

    Munch007 Member

    Nice to hear! Hoping for the best for Harley! :)
  3. xcaliber

    xcaliber Active Member

    Hoping to hear about a full recovery for Harley. Sounds like a pretty good breakfast Frank, I would have licked my plate clean too.
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  4. Oppie

    Oppie Active Member

    Glad to hear your doggie is doing well, they are our best friends, other than squirrel boy I mean :p. I'd be lost without my little dog. My daughter recently rescued another dog,that's number two for her :), Yea, I taught her well :D.
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  5. robertyb

    robertyb Member

    I hope she is OK.
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  6. Masboy

    Masboy Active Member

    Instead of buying a dog from a breeder ,there,s plenty of good loving dogs out there that need homes . they may not be purebred ,that means nothing to them or me . like said before every cridder we have has been left here or given to us to take care of.I,ve seen many come,go over the years an that,s the hard part.
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  7. Oppie

    Oppie Active Member

    I agree, I think I've only ever had one purebred dog with papers and that because the owner had to get rid of her.S The rest of of them were all mixed up mutts. I'm a dog guy and always have been, always will be.
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  8. Munch007

    Munch007 Member

    Yup, rescue dogs are the best!
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