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Discussion in 'General Crossbow Discussion' started by Stalker, Mar 31, 2018.

  1. Stalker

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    The wife drug me around shopping today:eek::rolleyes:

    But I did make some good buys! I got 6 fishing reels at a garage for $20!:D :DI offered the guy $10 for 2 of them.He said no,but I'll take $20 for all 6 :D:D I couldn't pass that up.Nothing special.The Lews bait caster is pretty nice though. All are functional and have fairly smooth drags.

    Then the last stop of the day she wanted to look at the clearance isle at Wally world:rolleyes: We get over there and there's all the crap that nobody wants. Then I see a arrow bin full of all kinds of arrows:eek::D:D:D. No price on them so I grab a couple and go find a scanner. The Mossy Oak with brass inserts ring up at $5.49:(.The the Blood Sport Witness rings up at $1.50:D:D:D I picked up 8 of them and put them in the cart.She raised a eye brow and asked how much are those.When I told her the eyebrow went back down:D. I'll probably go pick up the rest they have when she's not around:D. They look pretty good.Especially for $1.50 20180331_194723.jpg 20180331_200434.jpg
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  2. jacol84

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    Well done, sir.:D
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  3. Masboy

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    Good deal!
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  4. Oppie

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    Winning :D.
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  5. xcaliber

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    Nice Score!
  6. Stalker

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    Well I shot them today at 30 yards with my Sniper. They did Ok. I sighted them in as a group kinda.To see if I could get them all touching the red. I came close. 20180401_131015.jpg
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  7. Masboy

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    Looking good! heck you can put a good spinning expandable on about any arrow an hunt with it . fixed blades are alittle more persnickety for me an like them on my best arrows . but most of my best arrows are burried out in the woods somewhere :confused::p
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  8. Oppie

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    And that's a fact Jack :p. If I had a dollar for every arrow I've lost-bent-broken-twisted, I'd buy more arrows :).
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  9. Stalker

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    I picked up the last 6 they had before heading to my daughters the other day.That gives me 14 for $21

    I thought about launching them all at the same spot at 60.To see if I could maybe get a Robin Hood:D.Then figure I'd wear a spot out in the target that way and decided against it.
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  10. Stalker

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    I stripped and refletched 3 of these BS Witness arrows after spine indexing them this weekend. Stiffness wise they are stiffer than BE Executioners but are not as stiff as Spynal Tapps/Zombie Slayers. These 3 all measured .002-.001 straightness wise and deflection numbers were real close. Here's a couple of groups at 30 yards.They hit a little lower than my Spynal Tapps the bow is sighted in with. I used 2" predator vanes. They shot well out of the Sniper even with the stock nocks which seem pretty concentric. Weighing in at 416gns with a 100gn head. 353 fps. I checked the white witness area on the shafts and didn't see any blood so I guess I didn't kill anything :rolleyes::rolleyes::eek::D 20180505_133036.jpg 20180505_141147.jpg
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