First summer mini-3D shoot. Worried about the wrong thing!

Discussion in 'General Crossbow Discussion' started by jacol84, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. jacol84

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    Today was out club's first mini 3D shoot of the summer. I was excited to use the SS at full power, but I was concerned about maybe ruining fletching on some of the "softer" (more shot up) targets. Even though I did get point pass throughs on some turkey and other smaller targets, no fletching touched foam.:) Other than a first shot brain fart (Rinehart boar that's lying down in the back) - didn't even really look and find the scoring rings:confused:, shot OK. Not my best by not far off. The technical difficulties took place at the other end of the arrow. I was fortunate to have 2 good arrows for the last double target from the tree stand. They both pulled out intact!:D Guess I have to think about epoxy instead of hot melt.:rolleyes: Those were the long 60 gr. inserts.

    3D today.jpg
  2. bbahunter

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    Jeff, sounds like you had fun at least, but also some whoops :eek::D
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    What brand of hot melt are you using Jeff? Are you dunking them in cold water immediately after inserting them? I haven't shot that many broad heads into my new Rhinehart Rhino but have had no issues. I've been using Easton hot melt.
  4. jacol84

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    Paul, I'm not sure what kind it was. Got it quite a while ago. It worked up until now.:rolleyes:

    I took all the inserts out, cleaned and roughed out the inside of the shafts with a .338 cal bore brush, then reinstalled with the blue Bohning Ferrule Tite. I will see how it goes at the next shoot on the 24th. And yep, I always dip in cold water right away. Good news is all the shafts spun true.:)
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