First Day of Pa. Deer Season Changing

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  1. Oppie

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    Brace yourselves Pa Hunters, First Day of Rifle Deer Season Changing!!

    HARRISBURG, Pa. -- In a massive change in the state's most popular hunting season, the Pennsylvania Game Commission has changed the first day of rifle deer hunting season.

    The game commission gave preliminary approval in January, and on Tuesday made it official.

    The opening day of rifle deer season moves from the Monday after Thanksgiving to the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The vote was 5-3.

    Those who supported the change believe it will entice more people to hunt. It will help hunters who can't get the first Monday after Thanksgiving off from work or school.

    Opponents cited tradition and crowded highways on the weekend after Thanksgiving.

    Rifle deer season has started on the Monday after Thanksgiving since 1963.

    The change takes effect this year. The season will open on November 30, 2019.

    Maybe we'll get Sunday hunting next! Doubt it though, Pa. Farm Bureau is dead set against it regardless of what the hunters or voters want.
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    Will Be the same as the MD opener ,about time ,I don,t understand anything starting on a weekday that many have to work an kids in school.
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    For as long as I taught (since 1974), most rural schools were closed on the opening Monday. Some schools in central PA were closed both Monday and Tuesday. I would expect that to change now, but who knows? I hope to be done before gun season, but the way this year has been going, who knows?
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  4. Oppie

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    It's never made any sense to me why it started on Monday either. Schools here are closed on Monday and used to be on Tues but we also used have the kids skip on the first Friday for a juniors hunt, that was always one of my favorite days to be out.
    I hope to done before rifle season myself, if all the deer I'm seeing along the roads at night are any indication, it'll be a real good season. Their everywhere...

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