Firenock AERO246

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    Here is my brief review of the Aero246 prototype shaft.

    Firenock AERO246 is what Firenock calls it. I call it BADA** ..

    Shot this off and on since summer time.. From a builder perspective, the components fit was as good as it gets, naturally for the time I was able to build a full Firenock built arrow from tip to nock..

    The arrow here I built with Concept 2.0 system, AV3 vanes , SS double shoulder hybrid insert.. This arrow running a field point came in at 469gn the 3 test shots were done in light wind at a distance of over 92 yrds and my pr tightest group of 2.25 inches..

    I only got a few of these arrows since they were the first prototypes. The lighted nock arrow that I still have today, has hit ground, hit targets, through deer and is still ticking with well over 40 shots on that 1 arrow, still same vanes, same lighted nock.

    There is a lot of detail on link listed to Firenock's page, But in short.. This arrow design is to handle the effects of torsion very well, especially when concept inner tube are added in to for strength.

    See detail on page 23..

    Aero 246 Firenock1.jpg Aero246 Firenock.jpg

    VL pic Firenock 33.jpg

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