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    Case splitting​

    Maybe this will help if you need to get your Excal trigger box apart to polish the claws or dress up the sear, or just plain clean or lube it.

    DSC01042 - Copy.JPG DSC01043 - Copy.JPG

    Recently worked on someone’s trigger and it was so gunked up inside that I couldn’t get the case halves separated. I found the solution to be to take an 8-32 x ¾” screw, and taper off the last few threads, add a washer to adjust the length, and screw it into the rear scope mount hole of the thick half of the case. You don’t need the washer if you’re sure the screw won’t screw into the other side of the case.

    DSC01044 - Copy.JPG DSC01046 - Copy.JPG
    Then I took one of the case screws and screwed it into the opposite side. With the claws in the fired, or “uncocked” position, I added another case screw to the front scope mount hole, and screwed it in to push against the side of the claws. Slowly screwing the screws in, in equal amounts splits the case with no problem.

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    I like that ! very useful for us trigger hounds .
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    Just like a true professional! :D And I know who's trigger that was.;)
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    Very cool idea :), Thanks.
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    Wink Wink
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