Excal parts bow is ready.

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    95982F62-1559-4ED8-AC8E-6184D44E1905.jpeg 0B7403DF-651E-4BC5-A939-5AC88AC52565.jpeg

    The Excalibur parts bow transformation is complete. Trying a bunch of things this summer, trying to get a light, short bow the wife can use comfortably. It also has to be crank capable, so that has limited my options. Finally decided to use my Middleton SS parts with a shorter rail and make a stock, which is going to take time :rolleyes:. Put my extra set of Matrix limbs on the parts bow. It’s sighted in for 3D next week ( hope the weather cooperates). So, Apex rail (11.8”power stroke), Exo forward riser modified, old Vixen stock, Matrix 405 trigger, Matrix MOTS limbs (49 def - 265#). Should be about a 350-355 in recurve #s, around 335-340 with the 410 gr Dragon Claws. Enough to shoot through a deer at the ranges I hunt. ;) Target pic is 40 yards off the Ready-shot stick.
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    Looks like a keeper! :cool:
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    Nice! that things a shooter
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    Nice shooting Jeff, bow looks good too. ;)
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    Thanks Brian. This one is going to take me some time, but it’s the one I’m thinking most about. That well-traveled rail (from Glenn Windle) has 11 threaded holes in the bottom.:eek: Those plus the 8 “BABU” holes will all be covered by the time the stock is done. You can see from the “backbone” the shape is a combo of Excal and Burky. It will be 32” overall, 235# @ 10.75”, and may be as low as 5.5#. Could have gone for An Excal Cub from C/T classifieds, but what fun would that be?;)
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    Nice shooting Jeff! The bow and Dragon Claws look like their ready. Nice looking stock as well.

    Even that target looks good!:D Where do you get those bags?
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    Thanks Paul. Same feed store I always get them, that one is just fairly new.;)

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