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    MANY years ago when i lived in the Northern Territory i joined in on a cull of Donkeys.they were all shot with a .303 rifle.ive had interstate hunting holidays cancelled twice ,before,was trying to plane a bufflo hunt up north.but things changed and got canceled.eneyway im thinking when i can get up there ill try a crossbow on a donkey.
    humans have been eating donkey meat for long time.
    they are pretty alert ,acute hearing,sense of smell and all that.i have approached from downwind,on wild herds in the past and got within 50m,,with the help of the local bushes.their heart sits right down the bottom of the rib cage.
    like camels here,donkeys were introduced,are feral and can be killed with a hunting permit.
    be good size game as well to see the power of high power xbows.a freash hole carcass of a donkey would make a good test target for penatratshon tests of broaadheads and different weight arrow set ups...
    the donkey numbers have exploded into the millions.up in the Central arid zone,up in the northern Territory.donkeys all over the place!
    eneyone cashed up for a holiday?
    donkey hunting in northern Australia might be a bit different.i hope to get up there in few months time ,if all gose to plan
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    Sounds like a great hunt to me!
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    Like any other introduced pests,Donkys have established themselves in oz as viable competitors for native vegetation
    with destructive side effects.
    they can tolerate wide environmental conditions,their population has expanded across huge parts of Australia
    like horses and Camels ,Donkys were intoduced into Aus in the mide to late 1800's as beasts of burden.
    Donkys followed a similar fate to introduced camels and were released into the wild.
    from there they formed feral herds and by 1949 the donky was declared a pest in parts of Australia
  4. bunyip slayer

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    Their numbers have exploded into the millions,particulary in regions such as the NORTHERN TERRITORY.
    The feral donky is a very alert animal,aided by acute hearing with a sence of smell thats similar to a horse.
    so approach from down wind and reduce body odours like underarm spray and laundry detergents.
    A donkys eyesight is not as good as a a horse they have a blind spot.
    A donkys binocular vision is pretty good and they have good peripheral vision when their head is down grazing.
    Donkys are thought to have same colour vision as a horse so camo works well on them.
    Hormones reach a peak just before the dry season breaks around october.
    At this time of year donkys are likely to be distracted by both offspring and competing males.
    They can be found eneywhere,Dams,creek beds,sides of roads,,,everywhere!

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