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  1. Stalker

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    Getting discouraged. I figured with baiting being legal now I'd be seeing a lot of deer! I haven't seen any this season! The 90 degree heat may have something to do with it. Decided to hunt some owls yesterday :D Before I went to sit and look at a corn pile for hours:( 20181005_153707.jpg 20181005_153734.jpg
  2. robertyb

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    Join the crowd. I don't do bait but have hunted 7 straight days now without a single deer sighting off stand. October seems to make deer hide until it cools off. I checked 4 game cameras after 2 weeks and had 5 deer pics. I usually get that in a day on each camera.
    We do have bluetongue in our herd for the first time I can remember. Only found 4 dead does so far and heard of a 10 point that was a couple of miles away.
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  3. jacol84

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    Sorry to hear that, Paul and Robert. Too hot for me to enjoy hunting up here. Can't imagine how you guys hunt down there without falling asleep in the tree.;)
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  4. Masboy

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    Good shooting! The good thing about shooting targets ,you always get some shooting. I shoot many arrows at targets for every one I shoot at deer .hunting deer when it,s hot out ,heat ,skeeters bad ju,ju for me.
  5. Stalker

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    I hadn't heard about that.I hope it stays away from here. I was getting a good amount of pics then it died off in the last week or so. You never can tell with these suburban deer. Some rain and cooler weather is finally in the forecast.
  6. Stalker

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    Well now that the hurricane has pasted with no damage here. Cooler dry air is on the way!:D Hopefully the deer will come out to play a little dodge the arrow now:D

    Set up the GoPro on the Excal. Starting to love the recurve again:eek::D 20181011_151516.jpg 20181011_151731.jpg
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  7. 8ptbuk

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    Love that camo !
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  8. Masboy

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    That thing reminds me of a python laying there,just waiting for it,s victim :oops: Good luck!
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  9. Stalker

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    Haha! More like a rattle snake imo:eek::D
  10. Stalker

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    Well I got out this morning and the cooler dry air brought in a couple of arrow dodgers:D A Doe and a button buck came in a little after 9. Would have been a easy shot for either 1 at 20-25 yards.

    Want to keep her around for attracting bucks in the up coming rut. Figured if I shot him she wouldn't come around anymore either so I let them both walk. Cant say I would do it again though:D. I want to draw some blood with this recurve and see how these Swhacker 3 blades do. It was just good to see a deer after 30+ hours in the seat.

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