Dialing in my "convertible."

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    It took me a while before I finally decided that I wanted to use my quiet SS for 3D this year, as well as for a hunting backup to the Patriot 380. I shot 3D with 16" XX75s last year, and liked the way they pulled from the targets, but I wanted some more length to try and save the fletching from some of the clubs older, softer targets. Last year, I shot the same bow but with my 32" limbs, at around 285 (according to the scope). This year with the black SS limbs, the scope says 330. A sane person could just shoot it like this and be happy, but, well...:rolleyes:. I am a odd duck in that the TR 525 doesn't really work for my eyes in really low light. The unlit Luepold heavy duplex works much better, so I sighted in the hunting 415 gr. Tapps for 30 with crosshairs and 40 bottom duplex. The TR is sighted in with the 450 gr. aluminums. I do really like the multiple aiming points for 3D and the illumination works great on black bear and boar targets on a cloudy afternoon. These aren't high quality rings, so I know I'll at best be in the ball park when I switch back to hunting mode in September. I will still be way ahead of last year when I had to switch limbs and all.;) The Tapps were pretty much right on other than called shots where I drifted off the spot. The XXs need to have some nock turning and then refletching to 2" Fusions before 3D, but that starts after July 4th. I will need to shoot from my field pod if I really want to sort arrows. Just too much shooter induced error with the Ready-Shot to learn a whole lot. Still love shooting this bow though. Every time I do, I remember that I don't really need to buy one of the new shiny toys the "industry" came out with in 2018.;)
    6:7 SS convertible.jpg 6:7 Tapps @ 30.jpg 6:7 Tapps @ 40.jpg 6:7 XX75s at 40.jpg
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    Looks like a shooter to me, Jeff!
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