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    Broke my new rig in today with a bigun,this is a 10 1/2 inch stroke forward riser long limb bow,you can cock by hand,AMS retriever ,this thing is super accurate with the peep sight ,20 inch solid fiberglass arrow.the real fun starts when they swim by an you have to guess how deep they are how much lead you need. makes it a real challenge at times. this one I shot was just lolly gaging around in shallow water :oops: chip shot! I was there shooting off a big bridge practicing at first shooting little leaves that came floating by,I was deadly as this thing is sighted in ,an will poke the same hole at 10yds most times with the string attached just like I shoot at carp hot so I came home to get out of the heat:confused: change of plans an heading to port deposit for stripers early in the morning as season opened today ,big tournament there today an will be crowded so not for me.
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    Frank I hope to get out to force feed some carp real soon. What range do you sight in for, 10?
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    Yes sir ,10 yd an Kentucky elevation ,windage for everything else:p
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