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  1. Masboy

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    it sucked as they had nothing I went to get today,just higher prices,no bargin cave, 1lb my 4227 powder 40$:confused: buy it around here 28$ . both the son an I said we won,t go back an will order off line ,aleast we can get what we want off line delivered to our door steps at a decent price .going to Susquehanna tackle tomorrow as they are great to buy from I hear an will match any advertised price on most things.i,m not conserned about a couple dollars an rather buy local if I can,good old bass pro ruined my cabelas shopping ,the greedy bastards:mad:
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  2. xcaliber

    xcaliber Active Member

    I hear you Frank, I was hoping it would be good for both stores, but NOPE!
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  3. Oppie

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    That's usually the case :(. We don't even have a decent sporting goods store around here anymore.
  4. jacol84

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    As you guys know, I live 15 min. from the Hamburg store. It is VERY SELDOM that I am not disappointed and maybe frustrated with the lack of things I want or go up there to buy. Bad they got rid of the bargain cave. That was my first stop every trip up there. I guess stores of all kinds are hurting with online sales, but if you can't get what you want in a store, what choice do you have? I do know most times I go up there, and I'm personally disappointed. I see plenty of folks with $1000 or more in their shopping carts, so I guess it works for Cabelas.
  5. bbahunter

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    Bass pro has ruined Cabelas, and it is very disappointing Cabelas is selling the cheap Bass Pro crap.
    Iam glad i have all the quality Cabelas hunting clothes before Bass pro took over. These clothes will last me until i die.;)
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