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Discussion in 'General Crossbow Discussion' started by jacol84, Mar 6, 2018.

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    Hi, Guys. Just stopped in to Cabelas in Hamburg, PA, and the place looks almost like a Ten Point showroom. Big wall of TPs in the "Bargain" Cave. Most (as usual) weren't really that great deal wise. Some of the typical higher priced ones like the Venom, but a few of the bargain bows like the Titan SS and Turbo GT. A bunch of Wicked Ridge and even some that looked like the old 6 point line. They were really wide with tiny "cams". Don't know where they got some of them. Out in the new crossbow area, their wall beside the shooting room was all Ten Point except for 2 Excal Bulldogs. One rack of Asian bows, a couple of Barnetts. Definitely a different look from the last time I was there. I'd have to think that dealers would be having a tough time moving 2017 inventory with the WR G-4s being so improved with good prices. Though it's a pro shop only bow, the Titan RCX is priced lower than "Bargain" cave prices on leftover Turbo GTs.:confused: Must be an interesting time to be selling crossbows.
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    Jeff, my local dealer told me last year was brutal, and he expects more of the same this year.:eek:
    Manufactures are selling bows ( verts and xbows ) for too much money and saturating the market with too many models that do the same thing and close to the same price, look at excalibur, alot of the same models different wrapper.:rolleyes:
    Then you have the bows from overseas selling for 250.00 and some people are saying why should i pay 700.00 plus for something made in USA or Canada when i can get this overseas bow for this price.
    Personally i won't buy the overseas bow, but thats just me, but i won't belittle someone else for doing it.
    Times are changing for sure.
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    I like to buy American when I can.With that said I'm not going to pay triple the price for basically the same thing.I'll take that money I save and buy other American made products that are not over priced imo. Like a vehicle or Lawn mower.
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    Guess it's a good thing I went today. Our borough just put out a call that there's a snow emergency from tonight through 6 PM Thursday. Then again, it's only supposed to be about 6-8" here.:confused: Looks like it's coming your way, Brian. Hope it isn't too bad up there.
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    Yeah it is Jeff, looks like wet heavy snow. They are saying 12-20" possibly. :eek: Come on spring. :D
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    Be safe, my BIL just headed up North with his son, and a buddy & his kid, hitting the snowmobile trails for the last rides of the year.
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    Nice to get out an check out the bargin cave,I love going to cabelas an looking at everything . I guess the darksides the way of the future ,all the new recurve can offer is big price ,adj stocks,more rubber ,cranks ,camo patterns o_O I think the kiss thing is about over an all they can do is add more junk to try an sell the high price bows.

    I knew the snow was coming :mad:I serviced my outboards the other day ,an today filled my tanks with fresh new non ethenal gas,sea foam ,got a new fishing licence,ready to roll :confused::p
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